Day Habilitation

At JHS we understand that not every person can or wishes to work each and every day in the community. Therefore our day habilitation programs provide a range of options which teach essential life skills thereby assisting each person to fully explore their communities. Adults who participate in JHS’s day hab programs are offered a variety of activities that both suit their personal interests and cultivate their social, physical, cognitive and creative abilities. Our highly-trained staff work to discover each person’s strengths, and then assist them in utilizing those strengths to attain their goal.

Without Walls Day Habilitation (WOW) implements a community as a classroom approach. These programs operate in the community and are focused on volunteer opportunities by increasing individual abilities in real activities within the community.

Community Membership is achieved through volunteer opportunities and daily opportunities to be involved in the community.

Life-Skill Building activities are designed to enhance one’s ability to participate in common, everyday activities such as cooking, doing laundry, etiquette/manners, group interaction and making friends, sharing, and developing hobbies, as well as range of community-based activities such as shopping, handling money, eating in restaurants, and safety basics.

Enrichment Activities encourage self-expression whether through art-making, singing, ceramics, or visit museums.

Eligibility: Our programs are open to all adults 21 and older with developmental disabilities, including those with intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism spectrum disorders, and neurological impairments. We also specialize in day services for adults with multiple handicaps and/or behavioral challenges.

Cost to You: Our services are provided at no cost to Medicaid eligible individuals. Transportation is also provided unless the individual is able and wants to travel independently.

More Details

We are open five days a week from Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 2:30 PM. For more info and to find out if your child qualifies for this service call us at (347) 897-0510 or 347-741-8495. Or email us at


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