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Jewel Human Services is committed to providing professional service for individuals that are mentally challenged and have behavioral issues. Our obligation is to provide individuals with an avenue to voice their concerns in a safe, warm, and friendly atmosphere. We vow to value the rights and dignity of those we serve regardless of their race, color or creed. Jewel Human Services will remain loyal to these individuals.

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  • Queens
    John and Laverne
    We were very apprehensive about sending our Chris to any human services company. After he came back home and couldn't stop talking about his new friends and the kindness showed. We simply felted comfortable and relaxed.
  • Brooklyn
    Linda R.
    I never thought that a company could make me feel so emotional but Jewel does, when my daughter sounds so happy and excited about being at Jewel. You are a real gem.
  • Queens
    Excellent care of my son, like they are family