About Us

Jewel Human Services is committed to providing professional service for individuals that are mentally challenged and have behavioral issues. Our obligation is to provide individuals with an avenue to voice their concerns in a safe, warm, and friendly atmosphere. We vow to value the rights and dignity of those we serve regardless of their race, color or creed. Jewel Human Services will remain loyal to these individuals.

Our mission is to motivate, teach, train and assist in skills development for each person to become productive citizens in their community.   We will coach each person in our programs to a place where they can reach their greatest potential.

Our outreach and target communities are where people with Autism, IDD/DD and who have behavioral issues, are unserved or under-served.  We vow to share information about the many opportunities that can enhance the possibilities in their life.

We are Family. Family members do not discriminate.  Young, old, rich, poor, black, brown, yellow, red, white can participate, contribute, and benefit.  The Jewel family believes when its family meets your family, together our families can create communities without boundaries, provide each family member with the tools to reach out with ideas, solutions, and visions, to find kindred spirits despite the barriers experienced by a family member with intellectual and developmental challenges.

Our family is flexible. We tailor our services to meet the desires, preferences, and needs of our participants.  For Jewel and the people we support, being flexible is an opportunity to advance our mission.  For us, each person is important and valued. We want the people we support to know in their hearts and show by our actions that they matter!

Jewel Human Services, Inc. was incorporated in 2009 to develop programs and services to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We do not operate large congregate programs. We recognize that people with different abilities need environments that expose them to innovative experiences and new challenges to become more independent and self-reliant.

Jewel Human Services, Inc.  Celebrating the Spirit of Life.

“Celebrate Life. Care for others and share whatever you have with those who have different abilities.”

-M. Robinson, CEO