Direct Support Professional

Job Description
Job Title: Direct Support Professional (DSP)
Department: Waiver
Reports to: Program Supervisor

Job Summary:  Direct Support Professional (DSP) provides support to individuals
with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Assist individuals with relationship
building, social skills, leisure activities, and daily living skills to foster independence. In
this position, you will be implementing plans designed to assist individuals in building
skills useful to adapting to home, school and in the community while utilizing methods
and techniques of teaching through full participation in recreation and skill-building


  • High School diploma or equivalency diploma preferred.
  •  Work or life experience supporting people with intellectual/developmental
  • Physically able to bend, stretch, and travel on public transportation and transfer
    individuals as needed from the chair, and toilet using an approved method of
  •  SCIP-R trained, CPR, and 1 st Aid certified preferred.
  •  Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to write observant and detailed notes
  • Valid NYS Driver's License REQUIRED for Day Hab & After-School Respite
    Essential Duties & Responsibilities
  •  Adhere to ethical principles, including the Agency’s mission statement and the
    standards of conduct.
  •  Demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to individuals.
  • Works one-on-one in the individuals home and community to address a variety of
    life skills to include social, recreational and other activities of daily living
  • Assists individuals with money management skills while paying for community
    activities, procuring receipts, and ensuring budget expectations are followed.
  •  Assess individuals’ interests, abilities, strengths, and limitations.
  •  In cooperation with the individual and family helps to identify skills and
    competencies to be developed and devises plans to achieve those skills and

Job Description: Direct Support Professional

2 Revised: 7-2019

  •  Follow the goals or activities specified in the individual's "Staff Action Plan.
  •  Primarily will be responsible for the assessment and observation of the
    individuals’ skills development.
  • Develop an appropriate rapport and work effectively with individuals’ circle of
  •  Completes accurate, timely, and thorough documentation, including but not
    limited to, service notes, goal tracking, incident reports, and timecards, to comply
    with Agency standards and federal and state regulations.
  •  Work with other service providers within the community professionally.
  • Enhances and promotes social interaction and community participation.
  •  Utilize a pro-active approach to avert crises.
  •  Utilize on-call supervisor to receive instruction and report emergencies.
  •  Participate in staff meetings and required training.
  •  Other duties as assigned
  •  Listen and respect the rights of each person who you are serving and supporting.
  •  Arrive and leave work on a timely basis to and from the home, programs site, and
    any other activity site.
  • Must be able to work your assigned work hours, ready to go outside in the
    community as the person who you are supporting chooses (i.e., volunteer,
    recreational and place of interest while working on skill which was established in
    the person’s habilitation plan, etc.)
  •  Ensures consistent service delivery that connects work, home, and recreational
  •  Respond professionally while in the community and to family.
  •  Participate in the orientation seminar and subsequent in-service training.
    Completion of orientation training within 90 days of employment is required for
    the successful end of the probationary period.
  •  Any change in working shift or working hours must be approved in advance by
    your supervisor
  •  Follow all policies and procedures and other duties as required and requested by
    your supervisors. When a question arises, seek clarification from your supervisor.

Job Description: Direct Support Professional

3 Revised: 7-2019

  •  Attend required training on Corporate Compliance, documentation, and other
    topics that relate to your job responsibilities.
  •  Read, understand, and sign off on Jewel Human Services Code of Conduct.
  •  Be sensitive to any situation that could lead you or others to engage in actions
    that would violate said policies
  •  Do not represent yourself as having degrees or credentials that you do not have.
  •  Make sure that all documentation you complete is accurate, whether it is related
    to services that you have provided for consumers, financial or personal matters,
    or other documentation related to your job.
  •  If your position requires you to review the documentation of other people, do not
    sign off on it if you do not believe it is accurate.
  •  Promptly report any issues, concerns, violations, or suspected violation to your
    supervisor, Manager of Human Resources, Compliance Officer, or the Director of
    Failure to comply with these policies or to report information regarding suspected
    improper conduct will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of
    employment, as appropriate.
    NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee may
    perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of
    the organization. Job descriptions are revised periodically to meet the
    needs of the organization.

I have reviewed with my supervisor and received a copy of this job
description and agreed to fulfill its responsibilities. I understand
performance appraisals will be based upon the responsibilities, duties, and
skills described above. I further understand that it is my responsibility to
contact my direct supervisor if clarification of any of my obligations as